Singing Lessons

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As a die-hard music lover, you are finally taking the time to fulfill your true passion for singing. Wouldn’t you like to wind down after a long day and sing to your favorite Broadway show tunes or pop favorites? Or maybe you are recently retired and are looking for a new adventure to sink your teeth into. The thought of singing in front of a voice teacher (aka someone who is actually an expert in singing) is intimidating. On the other hand, you just LOVE to sing and it’s time to take the leap of faith especially if you can find someone who has the patience, kindness and knowledge to help you fulfill your musical passion. 

No doubt, using your voice can be a very vulnerable experience, BUT at the same time it can be a joyful and self-rewarding journey. With an encouraging and supportive voice teacher like Lauren, you can learn how to finally “play” your voice in a FUN, INSPIRING and SAFE singing space.

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"All of my life I wanted to sing. But it wasn’t until I began to study with Lauren that my dream was realized. Lauren lays a solid foundation, encourages exploration and teaches clear technique. Her abilities and professionalism as a teacher are matched by her enthusiasm and support. She is a pleasure to study with and I feel very fortunate to be her student."
- Diana Wilson
I can’t wait to support you on your vocal journey.