How to Prepare for an Audition

Figuring out how to prepare for an audition can be an overwhelming and stressful process, but hopefully with this list of best practices and audition preparation tips, you will feel more confident and secure to walk into the audition room and deliver a memorable performance. The ten audition tips below will guide you on how to prepare for a musical audition or how to get ready for a singing audition such as All-State Honor Choir and/or Solo and Ensemble Festival.

1. Be prepared!

This might seem obvious but make sure that you know what’s expected of you. Read the audition notice carefully and follow all instructions given. Show up early (like you might show up if you were in rehearsals, hint hint) and be prepared to sing right away.

Audition Preperation

2. Know the Show

Research the musical you are auditioning for, watch the movie (or bootleg) if available, find clips on YouTube, read the synopsis (or even better the entire play) and listen to the album. When preparing your audition material, you typically do not want to sing something from the show you’re auditioning for, unless specifically asked. Though you do want to choose a song that’s similar in style and range to the character you’re auditioning for. There are some great resources out there such as to steer you in the right direction.

3. Always give yourself plenty of time to learn and Live with your audition material

Practice in front of family, friends, your teacher or other actors. It helps to practice getting nervous. If you make a mistake while singing, KEEP GOING! An audition is like a performance; recovery is key. Sometimes if you don’t advertise it, the casting panel might not even be aware of the mistake.

4. Have properly prepared audition music

Your audition music and binder should be professional, well organized and most importantly clearly marketed for your audition pianist. See how to organize your audition binder for tips.

5. Choose audition clothes that are nice, clean and comfortable

Wear shoes and clothes that are comfortable to move in and that show off your personality. Possibly consider an outfit that reflects the character you are auditioning for. We communicate with our eyes! Have your hair pulled away from your face so that we can see your eyes. If you are called back, look the same. Wear the same outfit and have your hair and makeup done the same way you did the first day of your audition, it helps the panel remember you. They liked what they saw the first time…so don’t change it!

6. When you sing, stand and sing

Don’t be shy, sing out, communicate the story, and give a memorable performance. Certainly use hand and arm gestures that are natural and help tell the story. Please no choreography or blocking to accompany your song…check this out for what NOT to do and a good laugh. 

7. Treat your accompanist with respect

An audition accompanist can be a very difficult job, always greet your pianist with a gracious smile and positive energy. When giving tempo, never snap your fingers or clap your hands at the pianist. Either conduct the beat or speak the rhythm. Whatever happens during the audition, always thank your accompanist, kindness goes a long way plus you never when the pianist might be involved in casting.

8. Enter the audition with confidence

First impressions are key here. The audition begins BEFORE you step into the room. Practice how to walk in, how to hand over music to the accompanist, how to slate the song and of course, how to best communicate the story. Stand and walk with confidence, even if you’re terrified! Fake it until you make it!

9. Be respectful in the waiting room

Who you are in the waiting room is just as important as who you are in the audition. Have a good attitude and be polite and respectful to everyone including your parents. You never know who is watching. Treat everyone in the audition process the way you want to be treated. GOLDEN RULE!

10. Don’t apologize

Not for any reason. Make no excuses. Always be professional.

All in all be polite, positive and prepared! Remember theatre is a play so play and have fun! Break a leg, the more you can audition the easier it gets.

How to Prepare for a Musical Audition

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