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Audition Coach

Your child dreams of being on stage and is begging for any opportunity to step into the spotlight OR your Broadway obsessed teen is ready to tackle the musical theatre college audition track. One of the most helpful things you can do to support your child through the audition process it to make sure they have the best audition coach at their disposal.

There’s no doubt you can hear the talent and want to provide the best opportunities for your child, but as a parent, you don’t even know where to begin…

  • How do I figure out a 32 bar cut?
  • Need a contemporary ballad…what the heck is that?
  • How do I record an audition video or prescreen?
  • Each college has different song requirements? How do I find the perfect songs and master each cut?
  • Should those notes be belted…not even sure what that means?
  • What if my child gets nervous? OR more importantly how do I deal with MY nerves?

Phew, you are not alone! These questions are just the beginning to helping your talented kiddo CONNECT to their voice, the character and their passion for the stage. I have been instructing as an audition coach for over a decade and am here to help pull it all together.

Why Do I Need an Audition Coach?

From audition preparation including picking the perfect audition song to organizing your repertoire book, I will support your child from start to finish (literally we practice how to walk with confidence and conviction into the audition room) so your child comes out of the audition feeling good about the experience AND no matter the results they will be ready for more!

The coaching process will begin with a consultation where we set goals, action items and preparation time frame. I will then customize a personalized preparation package which can include 1:1 lessons, picking out music that speaks to your authentic self, piano accompaniment tracks, provide tips for creating a performance resume and more.

BONUS: Lauren’s voice studio is a great acoustic space for recording with a solid backdrop and ring light to make the perfect audition video.

Frequently Asked Questions

An initial 30 minute consultation will be set up to discuss audition goals. I will then put together a package which may include the following:

I have a professional set up to record audition videos equipped with lights, solid wall, speakers (for accompaniment tracks) and acoustically sound space. In addition, I have professional piano accompanists available to play either live or prerecorded audition tracks.

YES!!! I have wonderful resources of local and New York based teachers and coaches to help you prepare further acting and dance audition materials and guidance.

Yes, all of these audition preparation offerings can also be done via Zoom lessons or prerecorded materials.

Student Audition Videos

Mrs. Lauren is so encouraging and helpful when it comes to auditioning. She helps me prepare the songs that not only showcase my voice but make me confident in who I am.
- Daisey M.
Ready to step into the spotlight and feel confident at that audition? Lauren is here to support.