Voice Coaching

Film Vocal Coach

Lauren has coached professional actors as well as high profile celebrities on both TV and film to help them prepare for singing roles whether it be a short musical scene or a more extensive musical role. She also trains aspiring actors looking to break into the business who need support on how to develop and strengthen their voices.

Voice Coaching for Professional Film Actors

Lauren has worked with acclaimed music supervisor Linda Cohen who oversaw the music for 200+ films including Licorice Pizza, Argo, Phantom Thread, and Motherless Brooklyn to name a few. Lauren has also worked with director and Oscar winning writer Diablo Cody (best known for writing the Oscar nominated movie Juno) on her movie Paradise starring the multitalented, Julianna Hough who Lauren developed a good rapport with as her personal vocal coach on the film.

Whether you are looking to hire local Louisiana talent to fulfill those tax credit obligations or to find a legitimate vocal coach (preferably both), Lauren can help support your production.

Voice Lessons for Aspiring Film Actors

With film production picking up in New Orleans, Lauren offers vocal coaching and singing lessons for actors of all ages in preparation for auditions, commercials, TV and film productions.

Why should actors take voice lessons?

  1. Job Opportunities: Simply put, it broadens your ability to be cast. Musicals are hitting the big screen. You don’t necessarily need to be Broadway bound, but you are leaving a significant market out without some experience and confidence gained from taking voice lessons.
  2. Vocal Health: Especially in theatre music, singing is an extension of speech in the simplest of terms. So as an actor when you have to use elevated speech like a call or scream, voice lessons can help you do so in a healthy and sustainable way.
  3. Strengthen your Speaking Voice: Your voice is a tool as an actor and singing can only help you add and strengthen that toolbox.
  4. Because it’s SCARY: Using your voice can be a very vulnerable experience. Doing something out of your comfort zone can stretch you as an artist.
  5. You Actually Might be Good at it: With the help of an experienced teacher like Lauren, you might discover that you actually have a voice to uncover.

Lauren will personally customize the voice coaching sessions to:

  • Teach the music and create piano rehearsal tracks for practicing outside of our sessions.
  • Customize vocal warm ups and exercises to support the material and strengthen your voice as a whole.
  • Determine the best and most comfortable keys and arrangement for your voice.
  • Build confidence and security with your voice through body and mindset work.
  • Offer support and feedback on set and/or in the recording studio.
  • Provide information on how to take care of your voice for the overall vocal health, care and stamina of your vocal instrument.

As Reese Witherspoon put it in an interview with Vogue describing her singing experience during the filming of Walk the Line, “It was really, really hard…I was so darn nervous I had to have a bucket nearby in case I was going to lose my lunch.” Singing can be a very vulnerable experience, but Lauren is here to help you feel secure and confident AND maybe even have FUN doing it!

I look forward to preparing your voice for your next big role.